ASTI Client List
ASTI has successfully bid and delivered many domestic and overseas (Japan, Taiwan) projects. The following is a partial list of our clients:
U.S. Clients
  • IBM
  • Morgan Stanley
  • General Sciences Corporation
  • Advent Software Inc.
  • Chinese American Bank
  • Environmental Protection Agency
  • Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
  • Department of Energy
  • Internal Revenue Service
International Clients
  • IBM Great China
  • Software Research International (SRA), Japan
  • Nanyang Industries Company, Taiwan
  • Taiwan Volkswagon Automobile Company, Taiwan
  • China Data Process Center, Taiwan
  • People's Insurance Company of China
  • The Legend Computer Company in China
  • New China News Agency, China
  • China Agriculture Bank
  • Intel, China
  • Microsoft, China
  • Shanghai Municipal Government
  • Shanghai Economic Commission
  • Shanghai Health Bureau
  • Shanghai Post-Telecommunication Employee University
  • East China TV Station in Shanghai