HuiFeng Multimedia Dictionary

HuiFeng Multimedia Dictionary, designed to help foreigners learn Chinese, features natural sound pronunciation and a user-friendly interface that facilitates switching between the English and Chinese to assist with reading, writing, and translation tasks. HuiFeng's multifunctional features and multiuse potential makes the dictionary suitable suitable for various educational and professional needs. HuiFeng does not require any additional Chinese system to run

Use HuiFeng with your favorite word processor by:
  • Accessing the HuiFeng dictionary from within any word process
  • Cutting & pasting Chinese or English words into your document
  • Dragging & dropping to exchange words between HuiFeng and the word processor

Learn & Perfect your Pronunciation / Character Input by:
  • Recording your pronunciation—the playback feature plays your pronunciation followed by prerecorded pronunciations
  • Practicing key, common English pronunciations
  • Learning PinYin pronunciations to assist with Chinese character input

Key Features
  • Select an English or Simplified(GB)/Traditional Chinese (BIG5) Interface
  • Access more than 250,000 vocabularies/word phrases (synonyms, antonyms, and derivatives)
  • Select from 5 different code systems for searching/inputting Chinese characters
  • Perform Chinese or English Vocabulary searches & Listen to the Pronunciations
  • Access several kinds of dictionaries:
    • General Dictionary
    • Computer Dictionary
    • Appendix (irregular verb forms, measurements, helpful Internet addresses)
  • Learn Chinese Character Stroke Instruction
  • Input English, Chinese and Screen Capture Data
  • Dictionary Word History Navigation
  • Hyperlink Word Lookup
  • Locate vocabularies on a character by character basis
  • Listen to Chinese text using text-to-speech capability
  • Use as an assistant to any word processor (drag & drop)
  • View pictures of common words

System Requirements
  • IBM PC 486+ (Pentium processor recommended
  • 6 MB Hard Disk Space
  • 4 MB RAM
  • VGA color monitor
  • CD ROM, speakers, sound card, microphone (optional)