Enjoy PC based Karaoke entertainment in the home or office! No need to purchase additional Karaoke equipment to play the KPC authored files. ... Ideal entertainment for music lovers, Karaoke lovers or those who simply want to create added effects for their listening pleasure...

Product Features

KPC Designer
  • Easy PC Karaoke Creation and Playback Music
  • Lyric Synchronization
  • Colorful Image Transition Effects
  • Playback Sing-along Recorder
  • Karaoke Songbook Organizer
  • Multilingual support
  • Supported Image Formats: TIFF, GIF, JPG, BMP, AVI Supported Audio Formats: CD, VCD, WAV, MP3, MIDI, AVI

KPC Player
  • Playback Pause/Resume
  • Karaoke Session Recording
  • User-Selectable Playback Settings
  • Karaoke/Traditional Song Style Lyric Display
  • Lyric/Title Font
  • Control Random Bitmap Display
  • Video Playback Control
  • Karaoke Songbook Organizer (Karaoke Album)

System Requirements
  • Win95/98/NT
  • Multimedia PC133 (minimal)
  • 12 MB Hard Disk Space
  • 32 MB RAM Windows 95/98/NT
  • Video Playback Control
  • CD ROM, speakers, sound card, (optional) microphone