ASTI's Multimedia Services
The ASTI multimedia team has a proven record of delivering a vast array of Government and commercial multimedia systems. In addition to the team's strong software engineering skills, they also possess the ability to setup and configure various types of hardware to work with the developed software application system to deliver quality, technically sound infrastructure systems and products.

ASTI's Multimedia experience often involves designing and developing new multimedia products or using commercial multimedia products such as Asymetrix and Macromedia. ASTI's multimedia projects include, but are not limited to:
  • Distance Learning
  • Virtual Reality
  • Voice Recognition
  • Kiosk Systems
Distance Learning Systems
ASTI designed and developed a distance learning system for the Shanghai Post & Telecommunication Training Center and Employee University as a prototype for modernizing distance learning in China. Using this system:
-Instructors can prepare the on-line courseware
-Students can enroll on-line and select their courses, manage their coursework, check their grades, and participate in on-line question and answer sessions. Students may also access an on-line courseware library system to assist with their coursework.

This Distance Learning system also included Office Automation capabilities to facilitate workflow tasks such as management of public information, document sign-up, apply for leave, manage resources, arrange conferences, manage documents, and access both library and technical systems.
Video Editing / Virtual Reality / Voice Recognition
Shanghai ScienceLand
Shanghai ScienceLand, a major cultural project supported by the Shanghai Municipal Government, focuses on increasing the public's understanding of science and technology by allowing visitors to experiment with various technologies in a fun, yet educational way. ASTI's software services featured solutions in the Music Video Studio, the Virtual Reality, and the Voice Recognition areas.

Music Video (VCD creation) - Visitors select a set, record their performance, and edit their video to create their own VCD. ASTI's tailored our Karaoke software to fit within this environment to facilitate the task of synchronizing the song lyrics with the singing in the video.

Virtual Reality - The visitor's image appears on the screen with the image of a "virtual" athlete where they compete in various sporting events. No gloves or wires were used to implement this VR solution.

Voice Recognition - ASTI provided a witty Q & A game in which the visitor is interviewed by a famous host (shown on a computer screen).

Multimedia Kiosk Systems
Hospital Drug Fee Inquiry & Guide System for Shanghai Health and Medical Bureau
This Kiosk system serves as a guide to visitors of the Shanghai Health & Medical Bureau to learn about the available services at the Shanghai Health & Medical Bureau. This KIOSK system can also assist visitors with locating various areas within the Medical Bureau. Video, image, audio, and text type information about various medical drugs such as the effects, the risks, and more are featured here.

Post Museum KIOSK for Beijing Post and Telecommunication Museum
The Beijing Post and Telecommunication Museum kiosk system features a multi-window information display. Once the user makes a selection, more detailed information related to that topic is presented. Kiosk information included video, still image, audio, and text.

Song Video On Demand KIOSK for Shanghai Martyr Commemorate Museum
The Second World II Chinese Resistance War Songs on demand system for the Shanghai Martyr Commemorate Museum features a touch screen operation to seek and view the information. Video, still image, audio, and text were used in this system.