ASTI Development Process Supporting Tools
DataGen DataGen is a data generation tool designed to generate large volumes of meaningful data (according to the software specification) for system testing and database checking.

Form-Based Tools ASTI has designed and developed a series of development tools targeted for developing and maintaining form-based application systems at the specification level.

Integrated Software Engineering Environment (ISEE) ISEE is a comprehensive set of rule and model-based tools which support an automation based paradigm, reducing the application development process to a simple modeling process.

Entity Relationship (ER) Modeling The E-R modeling tool lets you perform data analysis, an essential step, prior to defining the application system. Graphically represents the data entities, their attributes, and the relationship among them in the real world situation. It includes the most up-to-date features described in the E-R modeling techniques.

Independent Verification & Validation (IV & V) The IV & V tool provides an integrated testing environment that promotes a systematic approach based on the system specification. It promotes independent validation and verification concepts by providing assistance for all testing activities, from developing the test plan, designing test cases, generating test data, to producing the test report after executing the system.