...Building a reliable application system requires thorough testing of the application using meaningful data, but generating meaningful data tends to be a laborious task...

DataGen is a powerful, yet easy to use, data generation tool designed to facilitate the generation of large volume data based on the specification for system testing and database checking. Generated data are independent of the programming language and operating system under which the application is developed and executed.

DataGen follows the relational database concept by allowing users to specify the relationship not only among the data items within one table, but different tables, so that the data reflects the real world situation.

Key Features
  • Rapid Generation of Large Volume Data
  • Specification-Based Data Generation
  • Real World Scenario Data Generation
  • Layered Architecture of Data Constraints
  • Foolproof Specifying Process
  • Rapid Data Generation
  • User-friendly Interface

DataGen Benefits
  • Requires No Programming Knowledge!!!—DataGen guides you through the data definition and data generation process
  • Maximizes Reuse Work Efforts at the Data Specification and Data Generation levels
  • Encompasses a Wide User Spectrum: Testers, Developers, and End Users
  • Generates Large Volume Data in minutes—Your disk space is the limit!
  • Creates data based on the data conditions you specify

System Requirements
  • Windows 95 Version
  • IBM PC, PS/2 or 100% compatible 386, 486 or higher
  • 4 MB RAM Color monitor (EGA, VGA, 8514) or other supported monitors [select 256 colors]
  • DBMS support (Fox Pro 2.5 or above)